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Which Button Do I Press?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We’re not stupid, we just weren’t brought up on it like the ‘Millennials’ (Gen Y) or the ‘Gen Z’s’.

If you’re a ‘baby boomer’ like us, we’ve all had much to learn since our black & white, four-channel tv days.

We didn’t have computers, we had our exercise books and if we lost them, we didn’t need to worry about passwords, we could spot them a mile away covered in our bedroom wallpaper – that was our ID.! If we needed to know anything, Google was our Mum and Dad and it really didn’t matter if the answer was correct, we just assumed it was right and carried on bursting with knowledge!

Life definitely felt simpler back then, but then we were younger so it was!

We’ve been through a lot of changes in our lifetime, some good, some bad, some excellent! We’ve taken them in our stride and we’re really getting the hang of it – watch out world!

Social media – love it or hate it, it’s part of our everyday lives now and it’s not going away any time soon.

For fun…

Apparently around 48% of us are now taking to social media like ducks to water (smoothly gliding through it – whilst legs paddling ten to the dozen below the surface!).

Generally, it seems we’re happier on Facebook than on some of the other sites like Instagram and Twitter and according to an article published by The Guardian in 2018, we’re now FB’s second largest demographic and we continue to grow more than any other group – yay us!

It makes complete sense tho’ – as a society we’re living longer and that ‘trend’ is only going to keep going up, so there will be more of us ‘InstaGrans’ around in the future and we’ll continue learning… because we do it really well!

For business…

Now that’s all fine and dandy if you just want to take your time and learn how to post fun pics and check in on friends and family – but what if you have a business that you’ve just started or you want to expand your current one – how much more will you have to learn to confidently do that?

Well, quite a bit actually!! It’s a moving feast – those in charge keep changing the goalposts, so just as soon as you’ve learnt how to schedule your posts for the rest of the week to go out at 9am on a Wednesday, someone has now decided the optimum time to reach your customers is 2.30pm on a Saturday!

And we’re not all comfortable being online. Lots of us have never needed to know or wanted to know much about it for our private lives or our business. If you’re a gardener that spends most of their lives in the great outdoors, or a social worker moving from one home to another helping people to get through life, why would you need to know what time is best to post to Instagram?

It’s a steep learning curve going from having fun socially on Facebook to using it to market your business successfully! But it’s definitely do’able The main issue is that it can be very time consuming and even when you know what you’re doing it can take a good chunk of your days just to get stuff ready to put out to the world - who knew it could take so long to ensure you’re using the relevant #hashtags! And that’s before you start chatting with your customers, sourcing even more content and pics and reviewing your statistics etc!

If you have the time, then that’s perfect, you can work your way through the tons of information online and/or sign up to some specific courses. The question being - is it worth it? Well, yes – statistics (don’t you love ‘em!) say that 73% of Marketers believe social media marketing was either ‘somewhat effective’ or ‘very effective’ to their business (Buffer 2019)

Can your business survive without you learning all about social media marketing? Of course it can! However, there’s every chance (and there are more stats to confirm it!) that it can do even better if you use it well and are visible to your customers.

So, firstly, you need to do decide if it’s the right direction for you and your business - and if you think that it’s something you can benefit from, you then need to decide if you have the time do it yourself or need someone to help you.

Whatever you decide, if you haven’t already tried social media for fun or business – dip your toe in the water! We’re never too old to learn!

Press the smiley button…

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