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Updated: Mar 18, 2021

As a business account, Instagram gives you plenty of insights that you can utilise to learn about how your Instagram profile and posts are performing. It’s completely free and very handy, but sometimes overlooked, so we’ve listed down what you can learn from your insights!

Accounts Reached

Instagram shows you how many accounts your content has reached, with a chart accompanying the data.


Instagram also shows you the number of impressions your account has received! Impressions is the number of times your content was viewed.

Profile Visits

Wonder how many people visited your profile? Your insights will tell you!

Link & Contact Button Taps

Whether it’s the website you added in your bio or any relevant link, Instagram will show you how many people tapped on the link, as well as any contact methods you’ve added such as your email.

Top Content (posts, stories, IGTV videos)

Curious to see which of your content is performing best? Your insights will show you which of your posts, stories, and IGTV videos have gained the most reach.

Post Interactions

Post Interactions are likes, comments and saves that your posts receive, so you can see how much engagement you’ve got.

Follower Growth Chart Instagram gives you access to a follower growth chart that tracks the number of followers you’ve gained and lost over time.

Followers Stats (locations, age range, gender, active times) One of the more useful statistics IG insights have is of your followers! Note that you need at least 100 followers to access this, but it’s incredibly useful!

Instagram will also tell you which locations your followers are mostly from (by City or Country), their age range, gender, and which day and times your followers are most active.

Now that you've learned what valuable information you can get from your IG insights, you can use the data to adjust your social media strategy accordingly to increase impressions and gain engagement and followers! It's all in the palm of your hand...

Blog created by Jia Balinggao 2021

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