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For years, experts have predicted that the information age will be detrimental to our general attention span. We have more and more things to focus on – but often focus on things for short periods of time.

A study by Microsoft Corp suggests that our attention span is currently at an all-time low. Evidence shows that people start to lose concentration after only eight seconds.

So NOW is the perfect time to re-think your marketing strategy, and gain the publicity your business deserves.

If you are thinking that TikTok is only used by Generation Z to keep themselves entertained during lockdown then think again!

Since it landed in 2018, the app has developed from a video-creation app only used to express creativity, to a marketing and advertising haven which brands use to engage with their consumers.

In lockdown, millions of people are struggling to stay focused doing the simplest of tasks like watching TV or reading! Viewing & creating TikTok videos seems to be the only thing we are capable of right now.

This is because the app intentionally distracts the user by being able to view a new video with a simple swipe almost every 15 seconds, which is the average duration of videos uploaded on the platform. Users talk of feeling hypnotised by the app as they get taken into a trance, scrolling for numerous hours a day.

With TikTok gaining 680 million new users in 2020 now is the perfect time to take advantage of this creative platform to help grow your business.

Here’s how to do it!

Create a ‘TikTok For Business Ads Manager’ Account

‘TikTok For Business’ is an all-in-one tool for marketers to advertise on TikTok. The platform helps marketers create advertisements, set budgets, reach target audiences and analyse campaign data.

There are five different formats of Ads you can choose from:

1- Top View Ads. Appear once a day, immediately after opening the app for the first time.

2- In-Feed Ads. Appear on a user’s discovery page, also known as a For You page. The fourth video users see as they scroll through their feed.

3- Branded Hashtag. Adverts that businesses utilise to inspire tiktokers to create content around a brand-related hashtag of their choice

4- Brand takeovers. Advert format that can include TopView, In Feed and Branded Hashtags all at once.

5- Branded Effects. Use 2D, 3D or AR to incorporate images of your products into TikTok videos.

Create your own content

Making your own videos might sound daunting. Here are a few tips to ensure you are making successful and exciting content.

1- Be authentic: Most people's TikTok videos are created on their phone, making it personal and authentic. Try to emulate this with your own content. Revealing your brand’s true personality will build trust for your product as people will relate and connect with you. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

2- Copycat content: Research and engage with trends in your niche. This could mean taking part in hashtag challenges or using particular songs to create community engagement. All you have to do is find existing content and make it your own!

3- Incorporate pets and children: These two things will almost guarantee your video going viral!

Be smart when sharing your content

Once you've created your video there a few ways of increasing its visibility...

1- Put in a description for your video

2- Include hashtags

3- Add links

4- Tag your friends and relevant businesses

Launch a #hashtag challenge

As mentioned earlier, a clever tactic when creating your own content is to engage with existing trends such as hashtag challenges. But why not take a step further and launch your own? This will undoubtedly encourage users to recreate content and add your branded hashtag their videos. This fun strategy not only promotes your business, but it also pushes endless user interaction and engagement.

Approach TikTok Influencers

Like Instagram and YouTube, TikTok also has its own group of influencers. As a brand you can approach relevant TikTok influencers and propose a working relationship with them where they can talk about your product/service in their videos. Choose someone who feels right for you and your business, sit back and watch your brand thrive!

TikTok is proving to be an essential tool in marketing for businesses right now, and with these tips you're ready to climb aboard the TikTok trend and give your brand some amazing exposure!

But hurry, the clock is ticking…

Blog created by Sophie Badham

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