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Reel In Your Audience With Instagram Reels!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

With one billion active monthly users and endless creative branding opportunities, Instagram is definitely a social media platform you should be engaging with to help boost your business!

Statistics show that the average attention span of a human is just eight seconds. That’s less than the nine second attention span of your average goldfish!

Instagram launched its in-app short-form video feature, Instagram Reels, in August 2020 to compete with TikTok and to engage our easily distracted brains.

Reels is a tool for Instagram users to share creative 15-second clips with music and effects to their ‘Explore’ page. It showcases the best of trending culture on Instagram and can prove very beneficial for kickstarting your brand awareness.

Even though Reels doesn’t support advertising, the videos can reach a massive 200 million daily users via the Explore pages. Reels can also appear in people’s timelines as a welcome distraction from endless scrolling.

So, although you cannot pay to gain visibility for your business, you can use Reels to literally ‘reel in’ your audience.

With Instagram being the original home for influencer marketing, and the prime position the social media app is already in, engaging with this new tool will ensure that your business will stand out in a crowded market.

5 great ways to use Instagram Reels in your Marketing Strategy:

1. Showcase your Product/Service

Instagram Reels are also shoppable. This means that you can record short videos to showcase your product/service and tag your business directly. Within three clicks users can purchase your products straight from the video! They’ll also be offered three options if they show interest in your product; learn more, save for later or purchase now.

It’s as easy as that!

2. Create Authentic Content

Reels also gives you the ability to show a more human side to your business – warts and all! And never be afraid to make mistakes. Most Reels are made using a phone which gives a feeling of handmade authenticity to your videos. This will definitely build trust for your business, as consumers can relate with your brand on a more personal level.

#relatable #authentic

3. Use Hashtags

A simple and effective way to increase brand awareness on social media is to use hashtags in your content. You can add them to the description once you’ve made your Reel. This will help to link to or repost content from businesses that match with your product/service, post offers, competitions and deals and will also encourage new audiences to engage with your business. Include hashtags which directly link to your brand to target your specific customers. This will increase your chances of appearing in the right customers Explore pages.

4. A peep behind the curtain…

Whether it’s packing orders, having a meeting, a wander round your office or a typical day in your life, behind the scenes content really attracts audiences. People love to have a ‘nosey’ behind the curtain! So, next time you have a spare 5 mins - get your phone out and start Reeling!

5. Teach your audience…

Sometimes it’s a real pain having to scroll through websites reading loads of text to learn about something you’re interested in – it’s sooo time-consuming! This is why the short length of Reels can really captivate your audience. Just think about the kinds of things you’re asked by your customers and turn them into 15 secs of engaging info – it could be tips and tutorials, or just frequently asked questions, hacks & how-to’s! There’s a whole load of content at your fingertips!

And there you have it – a whistle-stop tour on how you could use Instagram Reels to gain publicity and popularity and grow your business!

Blog created by Sophie Badham 2021

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