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Customer personas can provide you with a very clear understanding of customer opinions, motivations and behaviours. Having access to this information makes it possible to develop products, design marketing materials, and create marketing communications that are highly relevant and very compelling.

The insights can also enable you to reassure your customers that you're on their wavelength and empathetic with their needs and desires.

To help you get started with yours, there are a few things you should consider, including...

1. Age

2. Gender

3. Language

4. Location

5. Occupation

6. Income

7. Interests

8. Motivations

9. Objections

10. Social media platforms they’re active on

Of course, the more specific you can get, the better!

Here at Kardia Social, we can help you to build 'Persona Profiles' that will provide you with a very clear picture of the goals, reservations, values, behavioural patterns, language and information needs of each of your key customer segments.

These profiles will help to bring your customers to life and provide an easy way for everyone within your organisation to relate to their world

If you'd like our help - just get in touch!

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