'The clock starts ticking as soon as somebody comments on your social media or leaves a review'

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We can:

Assess your performance across relevant review sites 

Evaluate your current level of activity and responsiveness

Make recommendations for improvement to achieve a higher performance rating and acquire and retain more customers. 

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We can help you to:


Define your review site objectives, including which sites are most influential for your business

Develop a strategy and create a route map to help you achieve them


Identify what resources you'll need to make it happen...

 Use customer feedback to act today and predict tomorrow... 

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We can:

Create original content to post on review sites


Create a library of 'response clips' appropriate for different circumstances

Create a library of photographs for use on review sites


Post and comment on relevant articles/blogs


We can:

Manage your review site profile 

Respond to customer reviews in a timely manner - answer their questions, acknowledge positive comments and calm any frustrations in negative reviews!


Select positive reviews for posting on your website and sharing on social media 

Extract insights from your customer comments and reviews


"As a general rule, a reputation is built on manner as much as on achievement"

Joseph Conrad

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