“Before Kardia was launched, Di ran her own market research business and the clients she worked with and the kind of work we now offer via Kardia is highlighted in the case studies below"...

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This company had launched new drug into an existing market with one very established player and two more recent entrants.


The formulation offered some marginal benefits over the competition in terms of efficacy but was introduced primarily on a price platform


Whilst the brand had been showing steady growth, the company were concerned that progress had been much slower than had been anticipated and that sales appeared to be starting to plateau.


Given the level of investment to date the company are keen to accelerate return on this investment by ensuring that the advertising support is as effective as possible


A press advertising campaign was developed to support the launch and the company needed guidance on whether the message being communicated was appropriate and being delivered in an effective way.


A LAB study was commissioned to conduct interviews amongst GP’s and establish their motivational and behavioural patterns when prescribing drugs in this therapeutic category.


Patterns were identified in a number of different key contexts on which the company concerned could have an influence, in addition to exposure to advertising e.g. interactions with reps, and attending presentations.


On the basis of the results, the company established that the advertising communication was not in line with GP’s patterns. For example, it positioned the drug as new and different when it was important to the GP’s for there to be a significant element of familiarity with some ‘improvement’.


Consequently the advertising strategy has been reviewed, the ad agency fully briefed on the key patterns that need to be ‘matched’ in the executions and a new campaign has been developed


This has just been launched and results are waited with confidence.


With information on the GP patterns operating in the context of interacting with reps, the company is also reviewing it sales strategy and developing new guidelines for the reps when promoting the drug.


Further work is planned within the organisation to ensure that all communications with GP’s are aligned with their motivational and behavioural patterns to ensure that so hat maximum benefit can be obtained from the opportunity


For half a century, consumer research could not explain why some customers spend large amounts in this company’s stores and others spend very little.  As a last resort, a LAB study was commissioned to see if the reason for this difference could be identified. 


A LAB study was conducted that identified a number of issues relating to store layout and service that were significantly interfering with customer comfort and desire to stay longer in the store.


It also revealed a number of customer requirements in terms of staff and service both in self-service and personal areas


Both of the above were clearly resulting in lost sakes opportunities.


The findings were applied to a test store on the south coast and the patterns identified were used in both store layout and sales training.  The geographical location relies quite heavily on summer tourism, which had been down for some years at the time of the study, consequently sales for all stores along the southern coast had been either down or flat from the previous year. 


Six weeks after refitting the store and training the sales assistants, sales were up between 5-7% over the following six weeks.


Meanwhile, comparative stores dropped in sales or remained flat.


This very positive outcome (along with a small number of additional pilots) resulted in the company introducing a new store refit and staff training programmes nationwide  


The management were so impressed that they went on to do other LAB projects in other areas including: TV advertising, packaging design, shop frontage, motivating customers to go 'upstairs' in two floor stores, etc.  Sales improved countrywide as more and more patterns were taken into consideration and applied.

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