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“Everything starts with the customer.” - June Martin 

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They provide a clear understanding of customer opinions, motivations and behaviours.

This information makes it possible to develop products, design marketing materials and create marketing communications that are highly relevant and very compelling.

The insights also enable you to reassure customers that you are on their wavelength and empathetic with their needs and desires.

Getting closer to the customer leads to higher levels of engagement and a higher propensity to buy!

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In today’s customer-focused environment, it's essential that marketing activity is directed at the type of customers who are most likely to respond, engage and buy.

This requires careful segmentation of the prospective market and a clear definition of the types of customers who represent the primary target markets.


We provide expert advice on how to identify the right types of customer to focus on and how to manage and communicate with these key market segments



"Imagination is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein

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Once the key segments have been identified,the next step is to develop a deeper understanding of how your customers see the world.


By really understanding their perspective on the products or services that you offer, you'll be in a much stronger position to meet their needs and gain competitive advantage


The Persona Profiles that we help you to build will provide you with a very clear picture of the goals, reservations,values, behavioural patterns, language and information needs of each of your key customer segments

Persona Profiles ‘bring your customers to life’ and provide an easy way for everyone within your organisation to relate to their world

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As markets become more competitive and customers become more time poor– it's more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.


So ensuring that you're presenting yourself in the best way to your own customers is only part of the story, being positively differentiated from the competition is the other!

Kardia will help you to build a clear picture of where you are positioned relative to your key competitors


With this in hand you're able to ensure that you not only highlight your strengths but also to be aware of whether and how your competitors are posing a threat to your business so that you can respond appropriately​


"Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed." - Dan Zarrella

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